Abigail Newport

Abigail Newport
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 15
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 4'2
Weight 70pds

Abigail AKA Abby is one of the main character's of Gantai. She is a first year transfer student from London,UK.


She has a very dark personality in everything she's in never smile's. Since she's a unacommpained minor she lives alone in her little tiny apartment in Kanto tokyo in the big city but she lives in the urban area.

At school she got in a A rank class due to smartness. At school she talks to Tsuyoshi alot possibly she could be a girlfriend to him.

Overall Rie is shy,Depressed,Smart,bad social skills,has asperger's symdrome.


Before events in the series, Abby tranfered from the UK to live in japan. During her stay in japan, she is known for living alone in her apartment. After being accepted to go to a private highschool she meets are main characters at Momo's house she meets Aoi.