Akiko Yamazaki

Akiko Yamazaki
Vital statistics
Position Pupil
Age 11
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 4'2
Weight 80pds

Akiko Yamazaki is a main character. She is the sister of Tsuyoshi. She lives in her house in Kanto,Tokyo Japan with her brother and father.


Akiko personality is a mix of very kind attrubuies she is more like a kid than a pre-teen. Her favorite things to do is go to the mall and hang out or just walking around the city. What is really weired is that Akiko almost never fights with her brother Tsuyoshi.

In school she is a bright student in her school she got rank B so thats indecates she is a pretty bright girl. Her homework is bad though most of the time she forgets it and doesn't have time to copy it down from friends in time.

Her childish side is up the wall she cant let go of things she loved back then but in school she is like a buisness women.

Around friends she is shy but chatty kinda.

Overall she is definetly moe.


Akiko lives with her Mother and brother Tsuyoshi. Her Father died when her mother was 3 months pregnant with Akiko he died from a traffic accident due to a seizure. When she graduated to 6th grade to a new school new city she met Momo and other kids.