Aoi Kasumi

Aoi Kasumi
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 17
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'2
Weight 70pds

She is the main character in the anime and manga of Gantai. She lives in kanto,japan,tokyo in the forest near momo's home


She can be a little fisty and snippy like Hikaru but less.

She doesn't attend school.

overall there is nothing really to say but she a mix of everything.


Aoi Kasumi is a forgotten child she learned how to live on her own at a young age.Living in the forest and all she learned tons of survival skills like making fire and etc. She loves being a chemist but shes a noob at chemistry. She is a alcemist and a wizard.


From her mother side she is a 5th generation wizard. Her crew is called black star. Her moms spell she casted was a mix up infact that is a reason why she has cat ears.


  • She loves exposion's
  • Often times she will be spying on prey
  • She stalks many people
  • Has a side of cannablism at angry points
  • Mostly cuirous
  • Afraid of water
  • Danger is no worry