Hikaru SuzukiEdit

Hikaru Suzuki
Vital statistics
Position Maid Cosplayer
Age 15
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'5
Weight 80 pds
Hikaru Suzuki is the main character in the series Gantai. She lives in her home in Kanto,Tokyo Japan with her Aunt.


Hikaru is a forest girl she romes though out the land kinda like Aoi does. She can be a little snippy at people when upset or angry

In school she is very social even she hates anything that has to do with school work etc.

Overall she can be a little sweet when she wants that is.


Hikaru lives with her aunt in a little house. Her mom died shortly after birth of Hikaru and the father gave up Hikaru. When she graduated to freshmen year (10th grade in japan) she met Tsuyoshi,Aoi,Momo,Akiko.