== Tsuyoshi Yamasaki==

Tsuyoshi Sakimoto
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 15
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'2
Weight 80pds

Tsuyoshi is a main character. He is the brother of Akiko Yamazaki and son of Minako Yamazaki. He lives with his family in Kanto,Tokyo Japan with his sister and mother


Tsuyoshi is more a girl than a guy he is stubborn as mule and crossdresses on the weekends alone. He is just a lost little boy when he was 6 his father died he could remeber his mom having a break down and him crying. Since the death of his father he was left to raise Akiko cause his mom didn't wouldn't. He is practically the father of Akiko.

At school he is a deliquint he cuts class never does work and gets their late. He basically has no friends at all. He has considered dropping out but he still needs a job.


Tsuyoshi lives with his mother and sister Akiko. His father died when his mother was pregnant with Akiko at 3 months he died in a traffic accident due to a seizure. When he graduate to 10th grade he met Momo,Aoi,Hikaru,Rie.